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Looking for a fantastic investment opportunity? On the hunt for the deal of a lifetime? Then you should be keeping up with Flagler County's distressed properties! Ready to learn more? Here's everything you need to know about distressed properties—and be sure to sign up to get alerted of the latest listings.

What Is a "Distressed Property"?

Before you make a big investment, you might be curious about what constitutes a "distressed property". In a nutshell, these are properties that are under foreclosure or are being sold back to the lender because the owner could not afford to keep making payments. Typically, these kinds of properties will sell for less than their market value, which means you could get a pretty amazing deal.

Buying a distressed property is a bit different than other real estate transactions. If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the form below and give us a call for more info!

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Why Buy Distressed Property?

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Great Prices

Distressed properties tend to sell below market value...and that means you could end up getting a larger home than you expected!


Potential Profit

If you're a real estate investor, you might want to consider purchasing a distressed property. Lower prices mean that you could make a huge profit later on.


Better Financing

Banks and lenders are extremely motivated to sell their distressed properties, and you could benefit from some amazingly low interest rates and financing options.

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Quick Closing

Need to move quickly? More often than not, distressed properties are already vacant and owned by the bank—which means you can close much faster than usual.


DIY Opportunities

If you've always dreamed of tackling a fixer-upper project but don't think you can afford to, it might be time to explore the latest distressed properties. There are always new opportunities coming on the market!

Ready to Uncover the Latest Listings?

If you're thinking of buying a distressed property in Flagler County, just contact ParkSide Realty. We know the ins and outs of short sales, bank-owned properties, and foreclosures...and we'd love to pass that knowledge on to you!

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